My family tree from myself back to William Holland

* The identity of my Father, Grandfather and Great-Grandfather have been kept anonymous to maintain privacy.

Updated family tree of Dr Thomas Holland (05/10/2019)

Overview pedigree, see below for greater detail:
The sons of Thomas Holland senior
Dr Thomas’ children and grandchildren
The Burwarton line of succession

The Shropshire Visitation (by Robert Tresswell et al, 1623)

(The Pedigree of the Hollands of Burwarton, from William Holland through the line of succession)

Potential Pedigree of William Holland of Denbighshire (1st of Burwarton)

What happened to Thomas’ children?

Anne (b. 1594)

Thomas’ eldest, Anne married Dr John Whetcombe, a former student of Thomas’ and also a minister. Thomas had made him a joint executor of his will along with Susan his widow and father-in-law Brian Gunter.

William (b. 1595)

William, his eldest son, matriculated into Exeter College, Oxford on the 22nd November 1611 aged 16, the same year the Authorised Version of the Bible was completed and published. Thomas died just under 4 months later. Evidence shows that William became a captain in service to King Charles I. He was training new recruits at 47 years old when the English Civil War began.

Brian (b. 1597)

Curiously Brian and his younger brother Edward also went on to matriculate into Oxford, but Brian gained his BA from Exeter College on the 17th December 1621, 2 years after Edward. It seems possible that Brian was very affected by his father’s death and matriculated at an older age than either of his brothers. After this he seemed resolved to follow in his father’s footsteps, gaining his MA on the 6th July 1627 and becoming a minister in Long Wittenham. Also like his father, he began his own family later in life.

His son, also called Brian (born 1650), had a beautiful singing voice and as a result was a chorister from the age of 10 to 18 (1660-1668). Brian Jr. matriculated on the 21st June 1667 aged 17, serving as a clerk for 3 years (1668-1671). After gaining his BA in 1671 he became rector of Hitcham, Buckinghamshire and married Mary Keene of Windsor 7 months later on the 5th June 1672. That same year he was appointed cannon of Salisbury. 12 years later Brian moved to Lamyatt in Somerset to settle in as rector.

Edward (b. 1599)

Edward matriculated into Corpus Christi College, Oxford on the 27th October 1615, aged 15. He gained his BA on the 2nd December 1619, thereafter becoming a doctor of philosophy (doctoris fil.)

Marie (b. 1600)

Thomas’ second youngest daughter, Marie, was baptised on the 14th July 1600. Currently, little is know about what happened to Marie.

Susanna (b. 1601)

Thomas’ youngest, Susanna, married John Vernon, who was the same age as herself (born 1601). He matriculated into Balliol College, Oxford on the 15th October 1619 aged 18, gaining his BA a year later (19th October 1620) and his MA 2 ½ years after that (18th June 1623), becoming rector of Hanbury the year following (1624). Susanna and John became parents to John Jr. (who matriculated into Balliol, 12th May 1651), also a vicar and also father to another John Vernon (who matriculated into Christ Church, 9th March 1685) and his younger brother Robert (matriculated into Balliol, 9th May 1687).

Thomas’ cousin, Thomas

Dr Thomas’ cousin, Thomas was born in 1550, a little after Dr Thomas was. Thomas was the son and heir of William Holland of Burwarton. He married Alice Cocke, daughter of Thomas and Agnes Cocke of Pickthorne, at Wheathill in 1573. They had 5 sons and 4 daughters. Thomas studied later in life at Middle Temple in 1591, the year after his father William died. Thomas of Burwarton was buried on the 10th September 1612 in Stottesden in Shropshire, the same year his famous cousin, Dr Thomas Holland, died. The two were buried 168 days apart.

Because of the similaries between their names, dates of birth and dates of death, many later historians have confused the two men, but records show that both clearly existed separtely from each other; one, the gentlemen of the Burwarton estate, the other, a theological scholar of royal renown.